CBSE English Reader Class VII | Sample Paper -1 |


CBSE English Reader Class VII | Sample Paper -1 |


Time: 3 hour

Subject- Business Studies M.M.-40

All questions are compulsory.

  1. Read this passage carefully and answer the following questions: 5

There was a huge pond of water outside a town. Fish of different sizes and various colours lived in the pond. A fisherman lived in the town. He would catch fish from the pond every day and sell them in the market. This was his profession. One day it happened, the fisherman went fishing at dawn. It was winter. He spread his net into the pond. Suddenly the net felt very heavy. When he pulled out the net, he saw a golden fish caught inside.

  1. Where did the fish live?
  2. Where did the fisherman live?
  • What was the profession of the fisherman?
  1. What did he see in his net?
  2. Where did he spread his net?


  1. Multiple choice questions:           5
  2. A noun that denotes one person or thing is said to be the __number.
  3. Common b) singular                            c) plural
  4. Words that are used to describe a noun or pronoun are called-
  5. Adjective b) adverb                              c) preposition
  • A determiner is a word used before a-
  1. Noun b) verb                                   c) adjective
  2. In the sentence “we play hockey” the verb is-
  3. We b) play                                   c) hockey
  4. To express universal truths _________ tense is used.
  5. Present simple b) present continuous       c) present perfect


  1. Form the plurals of the following nouns:                                               2

Student, potato, ox, story


  1. Pick out the adjectives and state their kinds-           4
  2. The cow has a long tail.
  3. Which is your book?
  • The spider has eight legs.
  1. These apples are sweet.


  1. Select the correct determiners from the bracket.           2
  2. __________ squirrel is a timid animal. (a, the)
  3. __________ man is equal before the law. (each, every)
  • There is ________ chance of her success.( a, the)
  1. _______ shirt is mine. (the, this)


  1. Correct the sentences by writing suitable pronoun in place of underlined words.                                                                                         2
  2. We have passed my
  3. This are lovely flowers.


  1. Match the subject with Predicate.                    2

A                                                      B

  1. Dogs freezes at 0oC
  2. Flowers stopped the bus
  • The driver started barking at them
  1. Water smell sweet


  1. Add suitable subjects to these predicates.           2
  2. __________ flies in the air.
  3. _______ smells sweet.
  • _________ teaches the students.
  1. ________ examines the patients.


  1. Fill in the blanks with correct form of the verb-
  2. The dog _________ the rat. (kill)
  3. The muslims ________ their dead. (bury)
  • The ganga _________ in the Himalayas. (rise)
  1. It ________ soon. (rain)


  1. Give the definition of verb or adjective.                                    2


  1. Write an application to your principal requesting her three days leave as you are sick. 5


  1. Write antonyms of the following words. 2


Boon, cruel, fact, dull


  1. Write synonyms of the following words. 2

Advantage, battle, courage, enemy


  1. Write an essay on one topic-           5
  2. The Indian farmer ii) Any festival

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