CBSE English Grammar Class V | Sample Paper -1 |


CBSE English Grammar Class V | Sample Paper -1 |


Time: 3 hour

Subject- English Grammar M.M.-40

All questions are compulsory.

  1. Use Suitable Noun to Fill in the Blanks.                                       4
  • The Tailor Sews our_________.
  • The Milk Man Brings us______.
  • The Police Men catch________.
  • The Barber Cuts our_________.
  • The Cobbler Mends our ______.
  • An ________ of Soldiers.
  • A _________of Robbers.
  • A________ of Judges.


  1. Underline the Pronoun.                    2
  • He talked to him rudely.
  • He worked for the Poor for their upliftment.
  • Each Player must play in His Turn.
  • In He Does She Go in. The Morning Daily.


  1. Circle the Verb Weather They are Transitive or Intransitive. 5
  • The Sun Shine in the Sky.
  • Nisha Went to Delhi.
  • Take off your Shoes.
  • I Got up Early in the Morning.
  • My Father helped me in my work.
  • The Grass Grows in me Dows.
  • The Breeze Blows Softy.
  • Sheela is singing song.
  • Someone Stolen my Purse.
  • Please lend me your Book.


  1. Pick the Preposition.               2½
  • He Laughed at me.
  • I go to office at 10’0’ Clock.
  • He will come after a weak.
  • I am coming from Agra.
  • My House is near the station.


  1. Fill in the blanks with the suitable preposition.    2½

[It, on, from, to, under, below, of]

  • Are you afraid ______the truth?
  • The cat is______ the table.
  • The fan is_____ the room.
  • I did not prevent her ______going there.
  • He is intent _____visiting the Taj.


  1. Write the definition of any two verb, adjective, pronoun.           4


  1. Write the Antonyms of these words. 5

Rich, Over, Profit, Sweet, Early, Sharp, Wide, Early, Clean, evening


  1. Write the Synonyms of the following. 5

Absurd, Answer, Ascent, Ask, Assemble, Battle, Begin, Bad, Cruel, Attack


  1. Write an application to your principal for Sick Leave or Brothers Marriage.                                                                                       4


  1. Write an Essay on –                                                                             6

My Best Friend or Role of Education in Life.



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