CBSE English Class V | Sample Paper -1 |

CBSE English Class V | Sample Paper -1 |


Time: 3 hour

Subject- English M.M.-80

All questions are compulsory.

  1. Write the meaning of these words: – 5

Crowed, Passenger, Difficult       , Whole, Manage, Puppy, Chicken, Courage, Confident, Fear;


  1. Tick (ü) the right answers: – 5
  • Lady had a black spot on his_____________.
  • Ear (b) Nose
  • How many puppies id Diana have?
  • Six (b) Four
  • The tiger caught-
  • Only Children (b) Children and animal
  • The goat was-
  • Kamla’ Pet (b) Keshav’s Pet
  • How many people were there in cave?
  • Three                         (b) More Than Three
  • Tapa ran out the cave to follow.
  • A calf (b) A goat
  • Where was the entrance of cave?
  • Up the slope (b) Down the slope
  • Where did Crsoe live?
  • On a deserted Island (b) Lonely
  • The tiger was shot by-
  • The Zamindar (b) Kannan
  • Why did the author decide to travel by train?
  • Loves train journey (b) there was no bus facility


  1. Write true or false: –                                                         5
  • Walking on the wall is considered a sign of bravery. (        )
  • Children used to put rats and insects in Kannan’s Bag( )
  • Adults are more unkind the children. (       )
  • The Tiger charged because he heard Gun shot. (       )
  • The man eating tiger had escaped from the zoo. (        )


  1. Combine the words with their Suffixes: – 5

JOG+ED,                FUN+Y,  JOT+ED, JOT+ED, STEP+ING


  1. Write Answer the following questions: – (any 7) 14
  • What made Tapa and Narrator stop and stare?
  • What did the children do to the soil case to make it comfortable for Laddy?
  • Where can we saw the Pine and Eucalyptus Tree?
  • Which is the most famous Mountain in Sri Lanka?
  • Which is Kamla’s Pet?
  • What is meant by using this as bait?
  • What did the people in the cave do to remain cheerful?
  • Why were the narrator and the other taking shelter in a cave?



  1. Write Answer the following questions briefly (any 2 ) 6
  • Why did Mishka suggested to the narrator that they sing in the train?
  • How does the country side change from Colombo to Kandy?
  • Describe the appearance of Leddy.

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