CBSE Computer Class V | Sample Paper -1 |

CBSE Computer Class V | Sample Paper -1 |


Time: 3 hour

Subject- Computer M.M.-60

All questions are compulsory.

  1. Tick the correct option- 10
  2. The data and information are known as
  • Input (ii) Output         (iii) Storage
  1. A set of instruction written in a computer language is called
  • Data           (ii) Program      (iii) Information
  1. The language understood by the computer.
  • Assembly language (iii) Machine language
  • High level language
  1. The machine language is a language of
  • 0 and 1 (ii) 1 and 2         (iii) 2 and 3
  1. Collection of related information is a
  • File           (ii) Folder          (iii) Document
  1. The deleted files go into
  • Documents (ii) Downloads (iii) Recycle bin
  1. ________ Include photographs, ClipArts and much more.
  • Drawing objects(ii) Picture (iii) WordArt
  1. ________ allows you to create text effect that are not available through font formatting.
  • ClipArt (ii) WordArt      (iii) 3-D Rotation
  1. Which among these acts as a link to any item like file, folder etc. in windows 7?
  • Icon           (ii) Shortcut       (iii) None
  1. The program through which as assembly language is converted into machine language.
  • Compiler (ii) Interpreter   (iii) Assembler


  1. Write ‘T’ for true and ‘F’ for false- 10
  • CD-ROM is an optic media.
  • Assembly language is a first generation language.
  • High level languages are machine independent.
  • A deleted file or folder goes to the Recycle Bin.
  • Sound Recorder facility is available in Windows Media player folder.
  • The ClipArt folder contains readymade pictures or graphics.
  • Shapes from Auto shapes can be resized after drawing.
  • CPU is the heart of every computer.
  • Speaker is an input device.
  • Computer understands only machine language.


  1. Fill in the blanks- 10

(Webcam, Assembler, Insert, Subfolder, Program, Shapes, Joystick, Icon, Machine, Folder Window          )

  • A set of instruction written in any computer language is known as a ________
  • _______language is the only language understood by a computer.
  • An ________ Is a program used to translate assembly language into machine language.
  • _______ is a pointing device which is used to play games on the computer.
  • A file in a computer is represented by an ________.
  • A folder within a folder is called a ________.
  • To draw a shape from the Auto shapes click on the ________ tab.
  • Bevel adds thickness and rounded edges to ________.
  • When you open a folder on the desktop, a ________ appears on the screen.
  • ________ helps to put your image into the computer when you are connected to the internet.


  1. Answer the following Question- (Any Seven ) 14
  • What is a computer ?
  • What are the four basic functions of a computer?
  • What is a computer language? Name its two categories.
  • Name common folders provided by windows 7.
  • How is a Folder different from a file?
  • How can you draw a shape from the Autoshapes?
  • What is the use of copying and moving files?
  • What is an Assembler?
  • How can you give a 3-D appearance to shapes in MS-Word 2010?


  1. Write the full form of the following-           6

HLL,         USB,          LLL,          APL,          CD-ROM,          ROM


  1. Write the step to- (any two)           5
  • Start to MS-Word iii- Create a File
  • WordArt iv- Copy a folder
  1. Draw a diagram of Computer Language.                                                  5


Write the name of file Icon

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