CBSE Board English Class X | Sample Paper -1 |


CBSE  Board English Class X | Sample Paper -1 |


Time: 3 hour

Subject- English M.M.-80

General Instructions:-

  • The paper is divided into three Section: A,B and C, All the sections are compulsory .
  • Separate instructions are given with each section and question, wherever necessary. Read these instructions very carefully and follow them faithfully.
  • Do not exceed the prescribed word limit white answering the questions.

Q.1:- Read the passage given below carefully:-

The camel is the oldest of domestic animals. It has been used for thousands of years by the desert people of Africa and Asia to supply many of their needs on the fertile edges of the desert, Camels pull ploughs, turn wheels to irrigate thee fields  and carry goods to market In the desert itself, they are and till almost the only means of transport. They supply food, milk and clothing in the farm of whole and leather.

This useful animal is well adapted to life in harsh, arid lands. The Arabian camel has one hump; the Bactrian camel has tar Two. The hump is, in fact, a store of fat which is used as a source of energy when food and water are scare. When it does drink, the camel can take up to 100 liters of water in ten minutes.

The camel has broad, soft feet for a steady grip in the sand. A thick skin protects it from the fierce daytime sun and bitterly cold nights. The Camel’s eyes have three eyelids to help keep out sand; its ears and nose are also adapted to keep out sand at the shoulder and weigh 500-800 kilos. Often called “The ships of the desert”. They can carry loads of 200 kilos and more travelling up to 160 Kilometers a day.

Camels eat grass, dates and grain when available. Deep in desert the survive on dry leaves. Seeds and bones.

Answer the following questions briefly:-

1 – What does a camel do on the fertile edges of the desert?

2 – What is the domestic use of camels to human beings?

3 – What is the difference between Arabian camel and Bactrian camel?

4 – How is Hump a useful Organ for Camel?

5 – What is the drinking Capacity of a camel?

6 – How can a Camel walk easily on sand?

7- How can a Camel adapted to sandstorms?

8 – On what food does a Camel Survive in the deep desert?

Q2:-. Read the passage carefully.

Education is the beginning of empowerment. It is a key to happy and satisfactory life for the special children. Who are cruelly segregated from the society? In India there are around 35 Million disabled children but less than one percent have access to education.

Special Children, without education are a burden on their families as well as society. The Crude discrimination between normal and abnormal children leads to sever psychological disorders giving birth to frustration which we all know is not healthy for any progressing nation. Several NGOS are working towards the upliftment and betterment of such children but again a grave problem that is faced by the volunteers is lack of motivation in such children and even their families. Those who are from the well-to-do families may not find themselves in this menace, but those belonging to the lower economic section feel that the effort to obtain education is simply wastage of time and energy.

Another factor which is hindering the path of education for such children is the lack of opportunities or facilities available in school’s special schools have also been established by the government and NGOS but their number is very low.

Q.-Answer the following questions –

1 – Who were special children?

2 – Why is education important for special children?

3 – What is the hindrance on the path of education for special children?

4 – What is government doing for the education of special children?

Q.- Find a word in the passage which conveys similar meaning as the following.                                                                                                          (1×4=4)

1 – Authorization.                                 2- Handicapped.

3 – Disappointment                              4 –Unpaid Workers.

Section- B (Writing and Grammar)

Q.3:- You are Mukul/Nishi. Write a letter to your friend congratulating him/her on his brilliant success in high school examination.


Write an article in not more than 120 words as Rajat/Rajni expressing his/her views on ‘Aim of life’

Q.4:- Complete the story in 150-200 words. You may use hints given below –

A dog____ hungry____ searches ____food ____ Wanders____ Here and there ____ Finds ____ bone____ wants ____ Quiet peace. ____while crossing bridge ____ sees reflection ____Water____ Thinks____ Another dog ____wants ____other ____ Bones ____ opens mouth ____ Barks ____ Bone falls ____ water ____ sad.

Q.5:- Choose the best word from the options given below and complete the following passage.

The students(1) ____talking as miss sarkar (2) ____ the class room. Then in a loud voice (3) ____ said, “Good morning and (4) ____ quickly around the room. All the children(5) ____ her intently to find out what sort of a person she (6) ____’’ I suppose you (7) ____ to know my name. “ She said,’’ I(8) ____ Miss sarkar,” She said.

1 –    (a) Are,               (b) was,                        (c) were,            (d) been,

2-      (a) enters            (b) entered,                  (c) entering,       (d) entours

3 –    (a) She,               (b) They,                      (c) he,  (d) them.

4 –    (a) Glance,         (b) glancing,                (c) glanced,        (d) glancy.

5 –    (a) Watches       (b) were watching     (c) watching,     (d) watched

6 –    (a) is,                   (b) was ,                       (c) been              (d)  being.

7 –    (a) Wants,          (b) wanted                  (c) want              (d)  wanting

8 –    (a) is,                   (b) Am,                         (c) has,                (d)  have


Q.6:- There is an error in each line. Mark the error and write the correct word –

There was a king. He uses to            Wrong                          Right

Ask three question                                (a) _________             __________

Of all the people who came from him       (b) _________            __________

The first question is, “who is the best        (c) _________             __________

Of we humans?” The second was,

“What Is a best time?” and the third         (d) _________            __________ “What is the best in all action?”                  (e) _________             __________

The king was very anxious to know answer (f) _________        __________

To these questions. One day he goes         (g) _________            __________

To a forest. He saw a ashram and want    (h) _________   __________

To take some rest.

Q.7:- Do as directed

(1) Who teaches you English? (Passive voice)

(2) I know him well.  (Passive Voice)

(3) He said, ‘Unity is strength.”  (Indirect speech)

(4) Everyone likes music.   (Negative Sentences)


Section – C

                 (Literature Text Book and Extended Reading Book)

Q.8:- Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow –

Neither stones nor prayers or sticks

Insults or complaints or bricks

Stilled the frog’s determination

To display his heart’s elation


Q.A:- Who is the poet of this poem?

Q.B:- Who throws stones and sticks?

Q.C:- What was the frog determined to display?

Q.D:- What do you mean by the word “Elation”


I am silver and exact

I have no preconceptions

Whatever I see I swallow immediately

Just as It is, unmissed by love or dislike

I am not cruel, only truthful.

Q.A:- What does ‘I’ refer to in the given lines.

Q.B:- What do you mean by the word preconceptions.

Q.C:- What do you mean by ‘’unmissed here?’’

Q.D:- What is the poetic device used in the given stanza?

Q.9:- Answer any four of the following questions in 300-400 words each.

A – Why did Nicola and Jacop visit Poleta every Sunday?

B – Who was Ali? Why did he give up hungry?

C – Why does the poet refer to time as being sluttish?

D- What three things did Mr. Merry weather plan to do on the coming Monday?

E – How does Mrs. Slater Plan to outshine the Jordans? What does It reveal about her character?

Q.10:- Answer the following questions in about 80-100 words each-

A – ‘OZYMANDIAS’ and NOT MARBL, NOR THE GILDED MONUMENTS’ are on time. Compare the two sonnets in terms of the way in which time is treated by the poet.


Do you think the boys looked after Lucia willingly? Give reasons for your answer.

Q.11:- Give a character sketch of Helen Keller.

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